What is Fantasy Sports Betting & How Does It Work

Sports have been around for a long time, and in Australia, sports remain as one of the country’s favourite pastimes. Alongside this, sports betting has gained massive traction in the last few decades, and there are just as many fans of sports betting as there are of the sports themselves. Among the various sports that Australians love to bet on, one has been growing in popularity, and is now up there among other sports such as rugby and football. This is fantasy sports, which rely instead on the imagination of the punter.

What Is Fantasy Sports Betting

In essence, fantasy sports betting is a type of betting that is not done on a particular, real world sporting event, but rather on events that are created by those that take part. The teams, players, and events are completely created from scratch, and these are used when getting involved in fantasy sports betting, and an important concept to understand when understand how fantasy sports betting works.

How Does Fantasy Sports Betting Work

To start with, the punter will need to put together a team of different players, using special criteria to choose the right type of player. The players, once they have been put into a team, score points depending on how well they do in a game. These points determine whether the team is successful or not, and whether any wagers taken out on the team will earn the punter any real money.

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Taking Out Fantasy Sports Bets

Once the fantasy sports teams have been compiled, the punters will then need to assign each player a position using their knowledge of the player and how they perform on the field. This requires an intimate knowledge of the sport itself, and how each team role works together as a whole, and is vital to how fantasy sports betting works.

Fantasy sports betting starts once everything is ready, and the competing punters can then start making bets on their teams. The points that are vital to how fantasy sports betting works is drawn from how well the real players perform in their games, and this is how the total scores are calculated throughout each event, and even throughout a season. The punter that has the highest score at the end of the event or season wins their bet, and is usually given whatever the total pool is worth.

Is It Legal?

This is a question that ties in with real sports betting, and a part of learning how fantasy sports betting works. For the most part, it depends on the country that the fantasy sports is taking place, and nature of the laws of that country. In most countries, it remains as something of a grey area, as some countries, sports betting may not be legal, but playing against friends in a virtual setting is not illegal, meaning that there are now laws that prohibit it.

In Australia, it is perfectly legal to enjoy fantasy sports betting, and here at Ausbet, we have details of the different types of sports betting available so that you can successfully compile your own fantasy sports team based on your favourite real world players.