Best Online Guide to Tennis Betting in Australia

Tennis is a sport that requires speed, agility, coordination, and skill; all things that make for heart-racing viewing and intense betting action. The sport has long been popular in Australia and has a devoted global following, from East to West, and from North to South.

Tournaments such as Wimbledon and the Australian Open see huge numbers of punters turn to Australian Tennis betting, which is made all the more easy by these top betting websites. You will be able to place different types of tennis bets in your own home or wherever you can conveniently use your laptop.

Knowing you have money riding on a tennis match you’re able to watch on TV or from the stands adds intense thrill to the game. The range of banking options accepted by these great sites makes it possible to enjoy the excitement with a few clicks of your mouse.

Tennis betting offers punters a huge range of mobile betting options that can be placed on Australian and international matches and tournaments. Among these options are lay tennis bets, live tennis betting, match bets, outright bets, and set bets.

Best Tennis Betting Sites in Australia

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Lay bets are when you pick the loser instead of the winner of a match, while live tennis betting lets you place wagers as the action takes place. With match bets, the tennis bets are placed on the winners of matches within the tournament. These tennis bets do not take the tournament winner into account.

Australian Tennis Betting

Tennis bets placed on the players who enter a tournament’s finals are known as outright bets, while set bets are wagers placed on sets of winners and their scores in a match.

The big international championships bring out tennis fans and Australian Tennis betting punters in droves, and provide the most exciting viewing and betting action. The suspense and thrill begins with the matches leading up to the championship, and then reaches fever pitch with the tournament itself.

As the initial matches unfold, punters will have the opportunity to assess various players’ performance, and make informed decisions when it comes to the much-anticipated quarter, semi, and finals.

The most popular tournaments among punters include Wimbledon, the Australian Open, the French Open, and the US Open.

The Australian Open always draws a grand response from people who enjoy Australian Tennis betting. This major event, annually held over the last two weeks of January, is the first of the year’s Grand Slam tennis events.

It is followed by the French Open in May and June, Wimbledon in June and July, and the US Open in August and September.

Tennis Betting Odds in Australia

The different categories within tennis offer a spectacular range of tennis bets. Punters have the choice of tennis betting on singles, doubles, men, and women.

A match between two players is known as singles, while two teams of two players playing against each other is known as doubles. Both men’s and women’s divisions play singles and doubles.

Given options such as lay tennis bets, outright bets, set bets, and match bets, the opportunities to win are seemingly endless.

It is no surprise, then, that online Tennis betting continues to grow in popularity. You, too, can experience the thrill by open punter accounts at these top Australian tennis betting sites now.