Top Betting Sites for NRL Betting Online in Australia

Rugby has long been one of the most popular national pastimes in Australia, so it makes perfect sense that online Australian sports betting sites would offer great wagering options for the game. The National Rugby League, or NRL, has tournaments throughout the year so there is always fresh action to enjoy and bet on. The guidelines we provide here are a great way to begin your own sojourn into the exciting world of NRL bets.

With rugby as popular as it is, almost all Australian online betting sites allow you to place NRL bets and sorting the more desirable from the less advantageous sites can be quite challenging. Each site uses its own odds making system, so the odds at different sites can vary considerably. The most reputable sites guarantee to pay the best odds for specific bets and matches when compared to other sites, and it is these ones you should play at. Many sites also promote NRL betting with bonus bets or other promotions, so be on the lookout for these as well.

Betting options do vary among sites, but most offer the full range of standard NRL wagers. These include the basic single match win, the performance of a specific player in a match and live betting options such as Asian handicaps.

Top NRL Premiership Betting Sites

1 IE allowed5/5100% Match up to $250 Bet now
2 IE allowed4.9/5100% Match Bet now
3 IE allowed4.8/5Login to see promotions Bet now

In the biannual tournaments, NRL bets is taken to the limits of its thrills and the options become very complex. Bracketed bets are commonplace, allowing you to bet on which team will win the tournament as well as who will take each match. These exotic bets tend to feature long odds, but correspondingly impressive payouts for a successful bracket pick. As you play and bet more, you will come to know which bets you do best with, and which you should avoid.

Best Australian NRL Betting Sites

Rugby is very close to the hearts of most Australians, and emotions often play a part when deciding who to back. However, it is highly recommended that you reserve most of your NRL betting funds for decisions that are made more prudently and less emotionally. Check the odds of each team with a national betting company, whether online or offline. This will give you an idea of the country’s averaged odds for the team, whereas local bookmakers have to give odds according to local NRL bets. You should always check the winning statistics of all players and teams, their recent playing history and which teams are actually going up against each other.

NRL Bets Online

For some rugby enthusiasts, visiting the online sports betting sites of Australia and placing bets on League game and tourney outcomes is an enjoyable way to formalise and possibly benefit from the wagers they would be discussing and making with their friends anyway. Others take their NRL betting more seriously and spend much of their time researching and deciding how to punt. Whatever the case, placing NRL bets is always guaranteed to make the national pastime of watching this sport even more exhilarating.