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We recommend reliable and reputable betting sites that offer the best odds, the biggest bonuses and the largest markets. Any online bookmaker that you find listed here will give you the best deal, and you’ll always enjoy a world class betting experience at our top rated sites.

At we don’t just bring you all the best online bookmakers’ best suited to Australians, we also review them in-depth and offer punters a detailed overview of what they can expect when visiting a certain site. Our reviews cover everything you need to know about an online betting site and assist in giving you the chance to make an informed decision about where to punt. Choosing an online bookmaker is almost as important as deciding what event or game you are going to bet on, and we take your enjoyment seriously.

Best Australian Online Betting Sites

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Australian Betting Apps

We not only offer comprehensive, unbiased reviews, we also feature a number of important articles on the different types of betting, guides to the best totes betting and other relevant information that will help you maximise your winning potential with betting apps in Australia. We cater for every Australian, whether new to online betting or experienced, and we keep up to date with the latest trends and happenings in the industry to ensure that you always have access to everything you need to enhance your punting experience.

The betting sites that have made the cut and are recommended by all offer a great array of betting options, whether sports or racing related. You’ll find punts for local sporting events and tournaments as well as a huge number of international options that include the NBA and NFL amongst many others. For Australians, betting on the AFL, Caulfield Cup or the Melbourne Cup betting races is now so much easier, and whether you prefer greyhound betting, harness racing, MMA or ice hockey, baseball, basketball or rugby, there’s sure to be an opportunity for you to place your bet online. We also make sure that election betting, entertainment betting and financial betting is available at your fingertips, and whatever your preference you are sure to find it at one of the webs top bookmakers.

Online Bookmakers Australia

With so many betting options it may be tricky deciding where to start, so we offer advice and guidance on all types of bets, giving you the chance to decide which options are best suited to you. We’ve sourced the betting sites that offer the best odds and made sure that you can always take advantage of the most rewarding bonuses and player promotions at all times. We cater for both the online and mobile market and only promote online betting sites that are licensed and legal and that offer Australian punters guaranteed fair bets. All our recommended sites are user-friendly, offer exceptional customer service and all-round excellence is guaranteed.

If it’s the best Australian online bookies that you are after, you’ll find them all at


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Ladbrokes has been around since as far back as the early 1900’s, and in 2000 they began pioneering within the Australian online betting market. Since then, they have been thrilling punters Down Under with their huge selection of sports and highly competitive odds, and have grown to be one of the most popular online betting sites in Australia.

The Ladbrokes site is easy to navigate and their straightforward layout clearly outlines what you can bet on. Horse racing betting is a major focus, but there are also plenty of other sports that are covered, including Aussie Rules, and you’ll find more niche markets such as entertainment, politics and financial too. Plus, there are live betting sites online for anyone looking to place their wagers while the action unfolds. Navigating from sport to sport is simple and the online betting slip clearly shows what you’ve wagered on, at what odds, and the type of bet.

Ladbrokes makes online betting in Australia a breeze as they offer a mobile optimized site, and you can choose to wager on desktop, smartphone or tablet. There is also customer service available around the clock, so if you run in to any issues, you can get in touch by telephone, live chat or email.

Licensed, legal and adhering to the highest standards of operation, it is easy to see why Ladbrokes is one of the favourite Australian sportsbookies around. Add to this an amazing welcome bonus and regular rewards thereafter and it’s clear that this is one of the best betting sites in Australia.

Bet Easy

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BetEasy was brought to life when 2 of the most successful betting sites in Australia joined forces. In August 2020 CrownBet and William Hill joined forces to create the brand, and they haven’t looked back! Both brands brought with them a wealth of experience, and by partnering they have created one of the best online Australian sportsbooks. From the minute you sign up you’ll enjoy 5 star service and the chance to win big.

BetEasy boasts a simple to use online betting system and the site is easy to navigate too. Finding the markets you want to wager on won’t take long, and the betting slip is clearly set out and easy to access. BetEasy covers a vast number of markets, and the odds are always highly competitive. You can place bets on AFL, NFL, NBL, NBA and other leagues, or you can wager on horse racing, tennis, soccer, and badminton, and a huge variety of other popular local and international sports betting. There is also the opportunity to place live bets if you want to wager as the action unfolds.

Featuring generous promotions, a welcome bonus that gives punters a boost, regular free bet rewards and a whole lot more; BetEasy makes online betting in Australia even more enjoyable than ever. Add to this the 24/7 customer service and the swift withdrawal policy and it’s clear that everything about this Australian sportsbook is top class.

Available on desktop and mobile, you can join in the fun at your convenience when you sign up at one of the best betting sites in Australia.


Established in 1993, Sportsbet is an Australian sportsbook that has stood the test of time. Thanks to their incredibly memorable marketing campaigns, this brand has earned itself a great reputation, and it more than lives up to expectations. Sportsbet was the first bookmaker licensed to offer online betting in Australia and have grown to become the largest corporate betting agency Down Under. They deliver great odds, good service and generous bonuses, and it is easy to see why so many punters prefer them.

You can get in on the action on desktop or mobile, as Sportbet has ensured that their sports betting site runs smoothly on all platforms. There’s also support available when you need it, should you encounter any issues. Overall, the site is easy to navigate and makes online betting in Australia a pleasure. Even if you are new to the world of wagering you’ll find your way around, and the betting slip is well laid out, and the banking options varied enough to suit all preferences.

As a home grown Australian sportsbook you can expect good odds on all local markets, and Sportsbet doesn’t disappoint when it comes to international markets too. There is a huge selection of sports on offer, and everything from horse racing to AFL to volleyball and the European soccer leagues are covered. There’s also live betting on offer, and the odds are always competitive.

When it comes to sports betting in Australia, Sportsbet has got you covered, and the generous welcome bonus and regular free bets and promotions sweeten the deal.

Mobile Betting Australia

Many of the best Australian betting sites are now allowing mobile betting and those that do not are planning to add this feature very soon. For the typical on the go Australian, they have their phone with them at all times but only access the computer on an infrequent basis. By moving the gambling over to the mobile platform, Australian punters can keep better watch over their bets and easily change bets based on new information or a friendly tip.

Any PDA or internet capable device is now transformed into a powerful mobile betting device. At any time where there is internet access, the punter can place a bet and most sites will take phone-based bets as well in case there is trouble with the internet access.

Look for features such as live betting, instant result reports and betting news being integrated into mobile betting applications for smart phones as well as easy to use betting tools for older model phones via SMS.

AFL Betting 2020

As far as sports go, AFL, or Australian Football League, has some of the most passionate fans in the world. Many of these fans are not only passionate about watching the games but also placing bets for their favorite AFL team. AFL football bets are a must for any online betting site in Australia and it is one of the single most popular types of online betting that occurs.

Options for AFL footy betting vary quite a bit from site to site. From simple win/loss bets, to bets on how a specific player will do that day regardless of how his team fares, there are bets for any type of AFL punter for any given game. With so many options, the savvy punter can keep themselves in the black with careful strategy and bets on their favorite players and teams.

Basketball Betting

In times past, people wishing to participate in basketball betting would have to go find a bookie or bookmaking company to place a bet. Today, thanks to the power of the internet, placing a basketball bet can be done easily and from both the comfort of one’s home or from their mobile device while on the go. On top of this, thanks to the 24 hour news cycle we live in today, bets can be placed on games happening half a world away as well as locally and the results of those bets can be had much quicker than in times past.

With American Basketball’s extensive season as well as Australia’s burgeoning 9-team league, not to mention amateur National, International and Olympic tournaments happening at other times of the year, Basketball Betting can happen almost year-round and most of the popular online betting sites that specialize in Australia betting will offer odds on games around the world. With basketball betting options that include straight win/loss, win/loss with a point spread as well as bets on how specific players will do, most sites can give the punter the exact bet they want and with good odds.

Boxing Betting

Boxing has a long tradition of being associated with betting and bookmakers. Even in countries with a love of boxing and a disdain for sports betting, boxing is one of the few sports that will still have betting associated with it, even if it is from afar. A good online betting site will have boxing betting for matches happening all around the world. Whether it is a match down the street or a continent away, sites will have odds for these events.

Sports betters who bet on boxing are some of the best educated on their sport too, picking winners and losers of matches they won’t ever see, based on research and win loss records. For the novice, the sheer number of bouts will be both impressive and overwhelming at the same time. Choosing a couple fights where the match can be watched on TV is a good place to start and soon enough the novice will become an expert as well, winning far more bets than they lose.

Cricket Betting

Australia has a long history of enjoying the fast paced game of cricket. It is steeped in tradition and is a lot of fun to bet on. There are many variations of bets that can be made in cricket because there a lot of components to the game. While cricket is a team sport, the individual players all play a part in the win or loss of the game. Therefore, cricket betting can be quite exciting. You can bet the money line to choose who will win the match or series. You can bet on the scores of either the match or series. The bowler, batsman, number of wickets and even odd or even run scores are possible cricket bets.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) hosts tournaments that are popular to bet on. The Twenty20 and Champion’s Trophy are notable tournaments many bet on. But the most popular cricket bets are for the men’s and women’s ICC Cricket World Cup.

Golf Betting

Golf used to be a game for the wealthy and privileged but now golf has become more accessible to most everyone. As a much loved sport those who play and those who like to watch also enjoy the thrill of betting on the outcomes. Golf betting has become a favored pastime of those who enjoy watching the skill of individual players – from seasoned masters to novices who are making a name for themselves.

There are various golf bets you can place such as betting on who will win the tournament, betting on groups of players, who will make the cut, who will place and individual matchups. You can even bet on which players will top the leader board for earning the most for the season. Look to the top tournaments for the most lucrative golf bets such as the Australian PGA Tour, President’s Cup, US Open, and Australian Open, Ryder Cup, President’s Cup and more.

NRL Betting

The NRL, or National Rugby League, has many tournaments throughout the year and NRL betting gets very heated during these tourneys. From the Telstra Premiership Cup to the World Cup to the Test tournament, there is Rugby action and therefore NRL betting happening almost all year round.

Quality Australia sports booking sites will feature all of the popular tournaments as well as a good bit of news about teams, players and the overall status of the tournament. Betting on a NRL tournament can be as simple as betting on a single match or choosing the overall winner of a tournament or as complicated as a complete bracket bid where each match of the tournament must be predicted to score a sizeable payout. For sports enthusiasts, NRL bets are a great way to take their passion for the game to another level, with excellent odds available for all the popular tournaments.

Spring Carnival Betting Promotions

Every October, the world of horse racing has their eyes on Australia with the Caulfield Cup. Sports bookmakers around the world do as well, with Caulfield Cup betting coming in for more than a month prior to the start of the races. The race itself is something to be had in person but often times the Totes offered from other Toters is better so online betting can be more lucrative than an in-person bet. Punters from around the world watch this race because the almost three million dollars’ worth of prizes draws the best of the best from around Australia, not to mention the handicaps that are allowed for these races.

With a bit of research, Caulfield Cup bets can be quite lucrative and with access to multiple punting sites and the varying odds each gives on each race of this renowned horse race event. This event is a 2400 meter event which does even the playing field somewhat compared to shorter races as well, so research into the jockey as well as the horse’s ability to run a longer race must be taken into account as well.

Melbourne Cup Betting 2020

There is a bit of Australian pride that comes from the Melbourne Cup. As the horses line up for this 3200 metre race, punters from around the world login to their favorite online sports betting site to place their Melbourne Cup bets online. With nearly six million dollars in prize money on the line, the horses that run these races are some of the best in the world and this race has become one of the most respected and watched in the world. For Australians, it is a source of bragging rights while the rest of the world watches in awe and sports bookers the world over take Melbourne Cup bets.

Research is key to doing well with Melbourne Cup betting; knowing the horses’ records and how the jockeys fair on longer courses will help choose winning horses and shopping to find the best odds or the best Tote for the event will help as well. Many punters choose not just single run punts but also go for more exotic punts that predict the outcome of multiple races. With this race being so popular, Swinger and Scoop6 punts are definitely taken by the track as well as online bookmakers. While the odds are long, the risk is low and the rewards are huge for a successful exotic punt.

Spring Carnival Betting

While the Spring Carnival is a party, it is also a celebration of horse racing as well by kicking off the horse racing for the year once winter is over. This set of races is also known for the fact that the races are very international in nature, with some of the best horses from around the world coming to Australia for this important race. Because of this, Spring Carnival betting is often the best and certainly the busiest for the entire year. The international nature makes this a widely televised event and bookmakers all around the world will give odds for these races.

Australians benefit from seeing the odds from bookmakers elsewhere as they enter their Tote bets on local sites. Online betting has helped making decisions about winners or losers easier than ever and creating an exotic bet is vastly easier through a website than through a window at the track. With Spring Carnival betting, the sky is the limit and the excitement of the races are the high point of many horse racing enthusiasts.

Cox Plate Betting 2020

Near the top of Australia’s online betting favorites is horse racing. It is no wonder that the Cox Plate  is an event Aussies flock to bet on. This amazing race features thoroughbred horses on a track that showcases the horse’s skill. Because of the difficulty of the track very few horses win both the Melbourne Cup and the Cox Plate Cup. But this also is why Cox Plate Cup betting is so interesting.

Watch the odds and analyse the data for the running horses to determine which bets will be winners for you. If you are lucky enough you may find yourself betting on a double winner such as Phar Lap, Night march or Saintly – horses that have all won both the Melbourne and Cox Plate.

Soccer Betting

Australians truly enjoy soccer and Australia soccer betting flourishes because of it. Some of the world’s significant soccer tournaments hold the country’s attention while punters make soccer bets on game and tournament outcomes. The FFA team represents at the FIFA World Cup and Aussies place their bets. Other notable tourneys include UEFA Cup, Champions League and English Premier League.

Soccer betting is popular because there are many variables that may affect the result of a game including injuries, history and current standings. For those who are new to soccer betting, it can be a lot of fun to bet on your favorite team then watch as the game unfolds.

Tennis Betting

Tennis is a sport that is never boring to bet on which is why it is so popular. Because tennis is a sport that relies on the skill and condition of individual players, the standings change continually. A star one season may fall to the bottom of the ranks if they go on a losing streak. Likewise, a complete unknown may rise through the ranks to dominate in a particular season. Because of this the odds change continuously making tennis betting quite exciting.

Bettors choose a tournament and players to bet on. Some of the more popular tennis events to bet on include the Australian Open, Wimbledon, Davis Cup, French Open and US Cup. Both men’s and women’s tennis is popular to bet on and great money makers when you hit a winning streak with great odds.