A Guide to Online Cricket Betting in Australia

A sport that has continued the bonds established between Britain’s former colonies is cricket. One of Australia’s most popular sports, it’s no surprise that it attracts thousands of punters.

With the arrival and continued development of online sports betting, more and more of these punters have taken to Cricket betting at top-quality websites that make it so much more convenient than visiting the bookmaker at the local pub.

Punters have options of different cricket bets, betting on local and international matches, as well as real time betting on matches. A range of convenient banking services make it possible to enjoy potentially rewarding sporting action from the comfort of your own home.

Given the different types of cricket matches that are played, Australian punters have a range of betting options that could limit the excitement of the wager to a few hours, or extend it over several days.

Best Cricket Betting Sites For Australians

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When it comes to cricket betting, the most thrilling matches are multi-day Test matches. If you’d rather avoid the stress that can come with waiting for a winner to emerge over several days, as men battle it out on the field with bats and balls, limited-overs, one-day international, and single-day matches are a fantastic cricket betting option.

Punters who are pressed for time could bet on Twenty20 limited-overs matches. These matches are limited to 20 overs or three hours’ play.

Cricket Betting Odds in Australia

In addition to a variety of matches that can be bet upon, punters can also place a variety of different cricket bets, each offering a unique opportunity to win. While the classic to-win bet remains the most popular of these, online Cricket betting has seen spread betting grow in popularity.

This form of betting presents better cricket betting odds, and this is even more the case when there’s a heavy favourite involved. One example of this when a punter places cricket bets on the team he or she thinks will lose. Even if that team emerges victorious, the punter could still win if that team bets the spread.

In the same manner, if a punter places a wager on the team he or she thinks will win, and that team wins but misses the spread, the punter will not receive a payout.

It follows that bigger spreads can bring bigger payouts. Punters who place cricket bets at these great Australia online betting sites are often able to choose the spread.

Another type of Cricket betting, regarded by many punters as safe and easy, is linked specifically to tournaments.

With these cricket bets, punters place wagers on the teams they think will be featured in the semi-finals and finals, or top eight, four or two, of an up-coming tournament. The payouts will be made according to those placements.

These top sites also allow for placing specific bets on cricket matches. Punters could place cricket bets, based on the playing history of teams, on who they think will be named Man of the Match, Top Batsman, Leading Wicket Taker, or Lead Scorer.

Mobile Cricket Betting

These mobile Cricket betting sites recommended for Australian punters present opportunities to bet on matches played not only locally, but internationally as well. Immensely popular in places such as the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, and New Zealand, cricket continues to grow from strength to strength.

As the number and quality of matches being played continues to increase, so do the winning opportunities that come with Cricket betting. Open a punter account, and bet to win today.