Getting Started With Sports Betting Online in Australia 2024

Novices and experienced punters can both benefit from a good sports betting guide like ours. With online betting punters are able to access many more games than ever before, and making betting decisions can be quite challenging. There is always an element of luck, which is one of the things that makes gambling so exciting, but canny research and shrewd decisions are just as important and just as entertaining to the thinking punter. Our guide will explain strategies and provide all you need to know to make solid wagers at the online sports betting sites in Australia.

For beginners, our guidelines are invaluable. Bets that are unique to specific sports, in all of their different formations, are clearly explained so you can get familiar with them. As you become more experienced and want to do more research before you bet, the different factors that influence sports betting odds are simply explained in our sports betting guides. These factors include previous wins and losses, opponents, track or playing conditions and many more. All the information you need to make astute decisions in any game is at your fingertips.

Watching your favourite mobile sports betting game is even more intoxicating when you have money on the outcome, and you should always make informed decisions on how you want to bet. There are several bets you can places, on players in individual sports, on teams and on specific players within teams. Often punters choose to bet on a diverse bouquet of these options. Before placing any wagers, there are facts that you should check on a mobile sports betting guide like ours. These vary among the different games you can bet on, and are described below.

AusBet’s Best Australian Sports Betting Sites

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  • In Australian Football League games, you should check injury reports, ladder standings and odds.
  • When betting on National Rugby League matches you should check the ladder, the draw and the odds.
  • For those betting on a Cricket game outcome, the test match straight up odds, batting and bowling stats are important factors to check.
  • If wagering on a golf or tennis tournament, you should check the guide to see who the favourite to win is.
  • Boxing is one of the most thoroughly researched mobile sports betting areas, and you can check the age, height, reach, trainer and win/loss ratio, as well as lots of other information, of a player you are considering backing.
  • The most popular Australian online sports betting sites are those involved with horse racing. You will learn about the various sport-specific and speciality bets you can place, and their requirements, payouts and odds. You can also learn about the track conditions, the horse win/loss statistics, the horse trainer and the jockey’s name and stats.

What Sports Betting Sites are Legal?

As long as you stick to Australian sports betting sites that are licensed and regulated by leading online regulatory bodies, you can be sure they are offering a legal service. Legal betting sites will always display their accreditations from regulatory bodies in clear view. There are some restrictions on the operators themselves, but, as far as bettors from Australia are concerned, it is not just safe to bet at the top bookmakers offering sports betting, but legal too.

Australian Sports Betting

The aim of our sports betting guide is to give you all the information you need to empower you to make your own punting decisions. After reviewing our information, you may find one site that meets all your needs and becomes your go-to favourite, or you might prefer different sites for different types of games or bets. You can also choose to play at mobile sports betting sites in Australia, and enjoy all the same options and rewards as at traditional online sites, which is perfect for savvy punters on the go. However and whatever you wish to play, our online sports betting guide is here to help.