Best Betting Sites for Australian Open Tennis Betting 2022

Australia is well known for its deep love of sports, many of which it has come to dominate over the years. Horse racing, rugby, cricket, no matter the sport, the Australians have mastered in one form or another. While many might believe that the Australians are only good at more physical, contact sports, the fact of the matter is that there are many professional tennis players in the country that prove the contrary.

Tennis has a strong following in the country, and among all the tournaments, none are as large as the Australian Open. This tournament is held once a year in the last two weeks of January. Held in Melbourne, the Open has been going for over 100 years, first starting up in 1905. While the event has garnered a large fan following over the years, it has also attracted a grounded sports betting scene, and Australian Open Tennis betting has become a favourite for many around the country.

Best Australian Open Betting Odds

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Australian Open Tennis betting continues to attract new punters with each passing year, and while it is undeniably a lot of fun for many, betting on sports can be intimidating for those trying it for the first time. Fortunately, there are some more common Aussie Open Tennis bets that are offered, and are easy for new punters to learn and invest in.

Outright Tennis Betting

The most popular of all the Australian Open bets, outright betting involves simply wagering on one player winning a match. This can extend further, and can also be bets made on the overall tournament winner, or even on the specific scores for a match. The Australian Open odds for this type of bet can vary depending on the details of the wager, but it is one that newer punters should seek out first.

Tennis Accumulator Bets for Aussie Open

Reserved for those with a bit more experience, this type of Australian Open bet comes with a lot more risk, but also ultimately means a much higher pay out. This kind of bet is made for a series of matches during the tournament, and acts as a group of separate bets that are linked together.  Each bet needs to be successful in order for the accumulator to pay out, but if it is successful in the end, the punter can walk away with heaps of winnings.

Tennis Prop Bets

Although not as popular as the other Aussie Open Tennis bets, this is nonetheless one that should not be dismissed. This kind of wager involves a specific aspect of the tournament, match, or even player. For example, a punter may wager on which player will score the first point in any chosen match, and if the prediction comes true, the punter wins. The Australian Open odds for a prop bet fluctuate greatly depending on the bookmaker offering them, and it is up to the punter to choose a bookie that suits them the best.

These Australian Open betting tips can help punters find and choose the type of bet that they believe would give them the best chance of claiming real winnings.