A Quick Guide to AFL Grand Final Betting Online in Australia

Sometimes referred to as Australian Rules Football, Aussie Rules, the VFL or the AFL, this sporting league is officially known as the Australian Football League.  During the 1850’s the game was known as footy and later when it spread around Australia it was called Victorian Rules.  The game has gone through many changes since the early days and if a team scored two goals they were declared the winner.  There were times when the game could not go on due to weather conditions or because of disagreements and sometimes the ball would break.

The first round of the AFL was played on 26 March 2022 and the AFL Grand Final is quickly approaching and will be played on 30 September 2022.  The AFL Grand Final in Melbourne is the highlight of the year for Aussie football fans as well as fans from all over the world.  This event creates many betting opportunities and almost every sports betting site will be offering a range of betting and odds.

Best AFL Grand Final Betting Odds

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Types of AFL Final Bets

The easiest and most popular AFL premiership final bets are the head-to-head bets for the games.  Australian bettors would have had the opportunity to place bets on winners from each of the rounds and is an easy way to place a simple bet and to cheer on their team through each of the rounds.  Australian bettors should never discount the underdogs, as there are often surprises. One of those surprises is McEvoy whose average points for each game this year is 97.4, which is surprising, as he doesn’t usually rack up those kinds of points.

Australian bettors should always remember that having a good knowledge of the AFL teams and their performances will be a great help when placing a bet.


Futures betting is a great way for Australian bettors to get into the betting spirit.  The AFL offers many of these bets, the biggest one of course being on the AFL final.  Betting on the AFL final draws huge wagers and picking a winning team at the start of a season is a great way to get the best odds.  Bettors place bets from Australia online betting sites may also want to pick the two teams to win the final.

Bookies will often give the various odds on combinations of teams that will help bettors to make a good betting decision.  Bookies will also offer odds on the coaches of certain teams before the AFL rounds have begun as well as which players will win awards such as the coveted Brownlow Medal (for the fairest and best player) and Coleman Medal (for the player who kicks the most goals).  These futures bets are like a long-term investment and with good research these bets could yield a big payout.

AFL Premiership Grand Final Odds

Part of the finals bets include which teams will go through to make the top 8 or top 4 and there is even the option of betting on which teams will not go through.  Australian bettors can also place bets on teams from the various regions such as which region the winning team is from.

The AFL is a great Australian football game and is extremely popular amongst esports betting Australia. This league offers huge betting opportunities with a range of different bets to choose from, and the season culminates in the AFL Grand Final.