What To Know About Greyhound Racing Betting in Australia

Humankind’s relationship with dogs stretches back into the mists of time. Dogs have provided us with companionship, security, and entertainment for millennia, and with money-making opportunities for centuries.

Greyhound racing has been a firm favourite among punters around the world for a long time, and it continues to attract huge numbers of fans in countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and China.

These races feature six or eight dogs, who chase a mechanical lure around a track; the winner being the first dog to cross the finish line.

These sports betting sites recommended for Australian punters are a great solution for those who would like to place real money Greyhound bets on these popular dog races. They can be easily accessed by via laptop or personal computer, and a range of banking options allows for convenient, secure account funding.

Regardless of where in the world the sport is being played, the races generally take the same format, and do not offer much by way of variation. Most territories have their own governing associations; in Australia, the sport is governed by the Australian Greyhound Racing Association, or AGRA.

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Like most sports, this one also hosts major races that attract hordes of fans and punters alike. Among these are the Irish Derby, the USA’s Greyhound Night of Stars, and the English Derby. Many tracks also host smaller races on a daily basis.

While this sport might not offer categories and variations on a theme found in sports such as tennis, the massive range of betting options makes online Greyhound racing betting no less exciting.

One of the things many Australian punters love about betting on this sport are the sheer number of wagering options available. Each of these options, whether based on luck or strategy, offers the chance to win a great payout.

An Accumulator or Parlay is when a punter spreads a combination of Greyhound bets across a number of races. The way this works is that, should you win the initial bet, your winnings will be carried over to the following bet, potentially offering you a huge final payout.

A Place bet is when a punter bets on a dog to finish first or second. Regardless of the dog’s placement, the punter will still win. A Reverse Forecast, also known as Reversa or Quinella, is when a punter picks two dogs to win, regardless of which is placed first.

Greyhound Racing Betting

Greyhound racing Show bets are placed on a dog a punter thinks will make it into the top three places, and Straight Forecast bets, also known as Exacta, are usually high-odds bets, and these are placed on the two dogs a punter thinks will finish first and second.

When a punter Greyhound bets on four dogs to finish in the top four places, that bet is known as a Superfecta. A Treble Forecast or Trifecta is when a punter bets on three dogs.

A Win and Place, or Each-Way, bet is when a punter places two Greyhound bets on one dog. If the dog wins the race, the punter wins both bets. If the dog places second, the punter receives the Place portion of the bet.

The simplest of the bets is a Win bet, placed on the dog the punter thinks will win the race.

Action-packed and highly entertaining, Greyhound racing is well deserving of its near-worldwide cult following! Enjoy all the suspense, thrill and excitement by placing real money wagers on the dogs today!