Horse Racing Tips Australia 2024

Knowing the right horse racing tips will give you the edge that you need when betting online. Not only will our expert horse racing tips empower you as a punter, but they’ll give you the foundation you need to find even greater success. Australian bettors in particular are passionate about the world of horse race betting. This is why we aim to provide the most relevant Australian horse racing tips to all of our Aussie readers.

Our expert horse racing tips were put together after many hours of meticulous research. So, you know that you’re going in fully equipped when it comes to winning your bets!

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Study The Form Guide

Online betting success in horse racing is all about using the right tools and information. When it comes to tools, the form guide is one of the best around. It gives you a comprehensive insight into the teams that are participating in an event. The form guide won’t give you an idea of which horse is going to win. But it does provide enough information on horses’ past performances in similar conditions to help bettors make well-informed horse racing bets.

When finding horse racing tips, always get a hold of the latest form guide as it becomes available so that you’re up to date on all of the important information you need to bet successfully! The form guide is the horse’s record, and it’s a crucial part of placing infrared bets.

Consider Track Conditions

This horse racing tip is something that a lot of bettors leave out of their horse betting strategy. But it can play a key role in the success and failures that occur on a track, and it’s a general rule that can apply to a number of different betting sports.

The track conditions provide information on a few aspects.

One is the type of track that the horses are going to compete and race on. This includes such types as turf, dirt, sand, etc. Different horses are trained on different tracks, so it can make a big difference.

Climatic conditions can also change the nature of the event so be aware of these too.

Study The Jockey And Trainer

One of the best horse racing tips we can offer is to know the team you’re betting on. In this case, the jockey and the trainer are integral to the success of a horse. In fact, sometimes you are able to make successful bets just by knowing which trainer and jockey combo is part of the action.

Thankfully, this information tends to be widely accessible to most horse racing bettors. Take a look at the racing history of the jockey as well as the experience of the trainer. You will feel much more confident about your horse racing bets once you know who trained the horses in question.

Analyse Recent Form

Previous horse racing events are a great way of working out whether a horse is worth betting on. Form guides will contain everything you need to know, including where the horse finished during their previous events. Some events may have more places than others, but make sure that you understand how the rankings work for that particular race.

It helps immensely to know how a horse performed in previous races. It will give you an idea of how the animal may perform in the future. Combine this with the other available horse racing tips, and you will be well on your way to start winning big!

Understand Class Levels

The class system is an important aspect to understand when you want to find success in the different horse racing betting markets. The class level represents different groups in horse racing. This is done to ensure that the events are as fair as possible. There are certain industry standards that need to be followed at all times. Class levels are a great way of achieving this while making sure that all is safe for everyone.

In fact, these levels extend beyond the event level and are used by organisations across the world, including most racing authorities. The handicap rating system is an important part of the class levels. While it may take some time to learn, it can provide an exciting approach to horse betting in general. The class level is highly dependent on the trainer. So choosing horses with well-known and skilled trainers is the best way of ensuring more success.

Class levels will empower you to make better decisions and find more value in your bets. Start using the class betting system in your wagering today!

Consider The Odds

One of the most influential horse racing tips are the predicted betting odds for the event. Odds are the numbers that bookies provide to bettors, and they essentially describe the chance a horse has of winning. The odds may be fractional, decimal or American, and they dictate how horse racing bets work. Explaining how horse racing betting odds are calculated is beyond the scope of this horse betting guide. But always keep in mind that odds are vital to the whole horse betting process. Choosing the right horse bets with good odds at the right time will lead to the success that you’re striving for.

The odds can also be deceptive. So, it’s worth your time to understand the different types of bets. And how the odds work for each kind. This allows you to skip all of the bets that don’t seem promising. We recommend you check out Ladbrokes Australia for some of the best online horse racing betting odds in the market today.

Watch Live Races And Replays

Nothing quite gives you the upper hand like watching live and past events. Watching horse racing as it’s taking place is even more appealing when paired with live betting. This gives you the opportunity to put money down on the event as it’s taking place.

Past events are also enormously valuable. Especially if you want to learn more about a particular horse and jockey combo, including how they work in specific track conditions. This is one of the horse racing tips that will give you a serious advantage when you’re ready to start betting online. Big horse racing events like the Melbourne Cup have lots of news coverage and expert analysis, so finding lots of information to make an informed bet is easy; just make sure you target your intel from a trusted source!

Manage Your Bankroll

Using a bankroll is the best way of managing your horse betting funds. A bankroll is similar to a budget, but it centres on betting. It takes very little time to implement and maintain. But even putting in a little work managing a bankroll can result in seriously great rewards.

Bankrolls are all about experimenting and finding what works for you. You can start by writing down how much money you’re able to spend every month on horse racing bets and then go from there. Managing your inflow and outflow is key to long-term betting success!


5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Betting On Horse Races In Australia

Becoming a pro at Australian horse racing betting takes time. And while it’s without a doubt worth the trouble, sometimes it’s inevitable to make a mistake or two. We want to give you the very best start possible with these horse racing tips. So, keep reading to find out which horse betting mistakes should be avoided. Hopefully, this information will allow you to develop a strong horse betting strategy.

Don’t follow the crowd

Don’t always follow what the crowd is doing. It’s common for beginners to wager on the same bets as everyone else. But this is a slippery slope when we consider that the majority of punters may have the wrong bet.

Choose a Good Sportsbook

Always choose a reputable and well-known bookie service. Not every single bookmaker in the world is going to offer you fair betting opportunities. Of all the horse racing tips here, this one can often make the biggest difference overall.

Look for Bonuses

Bonuses and promotions are your friends. Too many punters forget to make use of the bonuses that are on offer. These bonuses can give you a significant boost when it comes to winning. And it’s why choosing the right bookmaking service is so important when you start on your horse racing betting journey.

Find The Best Kinds of Bets

When you’re starting out, stick to small and popular horse racing bets. There are many bets to choose from, and many are quite complex. These are best suited to experienced punters. As you become more familiar with betting, you can attempt larger and riskier wagers. Remember that betting types differ between events and sporting types, so harness racing betting will differ from regular horse racing betting.

Do Your Research

Betting on a hunch is never a good idea. Instead, take the time to do the necessary research. The more that you do, the more well-informed you will become. And this will always give you the edge that you need to make better bets.


With these horse racing tips in your betting toolbox, the sky’s the limit. Not only will horse betting be easier, but you will become a master of the many aspects of this exciting pastime. Research and information is your friend and will give you every advantage as you continue to successfully win more and more wagers

Don’t be afraid to take the leap and start betting on horse racing today. With plenty of bonuses and many betting choices, a profitable and exciting betting venture awaits you!

Horse Racing Tips FAQ

What is the best bet in horse racing?

Every bet has its pros and cons. But the simple win or place bet is perfect for beginners.

How do odds work in horse racing betting?

Odds are calculated by bookies before the start of the event. The odds provide a reference point of how much can be potentially won or lost in an event.

How often does the favourite win in Australian horse racing?

Statistically, the favourite should win around 30 to 35% of the time. But this percentage can be affected greatly by form, track conditions, weather and other horses running.

How do tipsters pick horses and determine odds?

Tipsters analyse form, statistics, and other factors to select horses with potential to win races.