A Guide to Betting on Harness Racing in Australia 2024

The main difference between the horse racing that takes place in North American and horse racing Down Under is the metric distances used, around the equivalent of 1 mile, and the horses which take place are classed according to their wins. This has an impact on horse racing betting in each region, making it unique.

Another big difference is that in Australia, the leader does not have to hand up the advantage to any other horse that challenges, and this often leaves a horse located outside the leader in the what is known as The Death Seat, or just The Death, as this horse will have to cover more ground than the leader does.

Best Harness Racing Betting Odds

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Online Harness Racing Betting in Australia

When it comes to Harness racing betting in Australia, like with Caulfield Cup betting, there are a number of different bets that punters can make use of. This list outlines the most popular harness racing bets for those who enjoy punting on the internet:

  • What is Win Betting?

When it comes to Harness racing betting, the Win Bet is the simplest and most popular wager to make. It requires simply that you choose the runner that you think will be able to win the race.

  • What is Place Betting?

After a quick overview of the harness racing odds available to you, you may wish to consider the Place Bet. This asks you to choose a runner, and, if that runner finishes in the first, second, or third positions, then you will be able to collect your place dividend. Bear in mind that the third place dividend will only be available for races that include a minimum of eight runners.

  • What is Trifecta Betting?

Trifecta betting is a popular Harness racing betting type that asks you to select the animals to finish in first, second, and third place.

Harness Racing in Australia Changes History

The decision in 2016 to end the practice of whipping the trotters during Harness racing in Australia is the first time in history that a racing authority has ended this practice.

It speak to the leadership and insight of the governing body leading this sport, HRA, or Harness Racing Australia, and the decision was made by the industry itself. Check out our horse racing tips for Australian punters to make better decisions when getting into regular horse racing betting, or harness racing betting.

Getting the Best Harness Racing Odds

When it comes to Harness racing betting, you are obviously trying to put yourself in the most likely position to win. These facts and stats about harness racing betting can help you improve your harness racing odds:

  • Every race will have a handicaps added to the animals taking part. Make sure you are aware of this info, and use any tips you come across to make good harness racing bets.
  • When it comes to Harness racing in Australia, the horses deemed the favourites win around 33% of the time.
  • The morning line is not who the oddsmaker thinks most likely to win: it is simply the prediction of which way the public is going to be headed with their harness racing bets. A no-brainer method of increasing your harness racing odds is to play a few dollars on horses which are going off on odds that are two – three times higher than the morning line.

Find the very best options for harness racing for Australian punters who love online betting right here today and start winning!