Australian Betting Guide for The Bendigo Cup 2024

The Bendigo Cup is a Group Three horse race run in Victoria each year. It is known for its gorgeous surroundings, historical racetrack, and great horse racing action. The cup actually has its own public holiday in the Bendigo area, allowing locals to take the day off to go to the races. Bendigo Cup betting is offered by a number of online betting sites, simply take a look at our list in order to find the one which suits you the best.

The Bendigo Cup is known as a country race, as it is held in the small town of Bendigo, a few kilometers from Melbourne. The $330 000 prize money attracts horses from all over the country, although there are few international entrants. Bendigo Cup bets are offered on the day both at the track by onsite bookies, as well as various sports betting sites. The carnival like atmosphere is touted as a great family day out, with food stalls as well as various other entertainment options.

Best Bendigo Cup Betting Sites

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As the Bendigo Cup is not as big as some of the other Australian horse races, here is not as much information available on the runners and their trainers. Even so, taking the time to look into the horses racing history will give you a good idea of how well they are performing at the time of the race. Bendigo Cup betting tips can be found on a number of sites, many of which are written by profession racing tipsters who take many years to build their knowledge of not only horses but courses as well.

Bendigo Betting Tips

There are a number of ways which one can help their bet to be not only enjoyable but successful and profitable too. As mentioned before, reading up on a number of professional Bendigo Cup betting tips will go a long way to deepening your knowledge of the horses participating.

Knowing and shopping around for Bendigo Cup bet odds is another way which you can ensure your bet meets your standards. Not all betting sites offer the same odds as each one varies depending on public opinion and how the bookies predict the race will be run. Our site offers links to a number of the best online sports betting sites with the best odds to suit your needs. Take the time to read check out each of them in order to choose your favourite one.

Bendigo Cup Bets

There are a number of different bets which will be available for both Bendigo Cup & Caulfield Cup betting, ranging from simple win bets for those who are new to the sports betting world, to much more in depth bets for slightly more experienced punters. Many of these bets are recommend by various Australian betting sites, such as Win bets and Place bets, which make up the most popular betting fields.

Bendigo Mobile Betting

If you cannot make it to the actual race, or have to work on the day like much of the rest of the country, you can always make use of some of the mobile betting option offered on our site. These allow you to place a bet from pretty much wherever you, as well as follow the action via live streaming. Be sure to have enough data on your device as well as a good Internet connection. Good luck, and may the odds be always in your favour!