Premium eSports Betting for Australians in 2024

eSports can be defined as any kind of competitive video gaming, whether these games are being played between individuals or teams. It’s different from traditional video gaming because players aren’t competing against computer programmes, but rather against their fellow players and the eSports betting industry, although new, is a very exciting one for online betting enthusiasts.

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Although horse racing betting is the staple form of betting in Australia, the various eSports genres have exploded in popularity over the last 10 years or so, with enormous tournaments with superstar players and teams unfolding as they compete in front of hordes of screaming fans. Millions more tune in to watch on live streaming platforms.

This competitive world has opened up many opportunities for bettors and wagering on games has become a popular pastime for many Australians. Younger sports fans are increasingly being drawn to eSports because it’s so fast-paced and entertaining and projections estimate that the global audience will simply keep expanding as eSports become part and parcel of the world of wagering and traditional sports.

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Pros & Cons of eSports Betting

Is eSports betting something you’d enjoy? If you’re unsure, maybe taking a look at its pros and cons will help you make up your mind:

✅ It’s always changing, which keeps the market fresh and entertaining for bettors.❌ eSports betting requires that you have more than a general knowledge of the games and that you know the players.
✅ There are no off-seasons like there are in traditional sports. A game is always happening somewhere.❌ You win some, you lose some. It’s important that you know the risks of wagering and understand that losses are an expected part of the bargain. When this happens, don’t get discouraged. Shake it off and get back in the game!
✅ Most sites have no lower limits on eSports betting. This makes it easy to find wagers to fit your budget.
✅ It’s safe.
✅ It’s a lot of fun.

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Top eSports Games to Place Bets On

The rise of live streaming and competitive video gaming has seen eSports become a global phenomenon with the following titles enjoying the limelight:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS: GO is one of the biggest eSports in Australia and around the rest of the world and bettors love it. It’s a first-person-shooter, multiplayer game that stands as the fourth installment from the CS franchise. Prize pools in tournaments for this game often exceed AU$1.5 million and fulltime, professional players make up the globe’s top teams.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena game that requires real-time strategy. It holds the enviable position of being the most profitable esport on earth, with annual prize pools for its tournaments regularly exceeding AUS$50 million. It doesn’t have the same viewership numbers as CS:GO and Dota 2 in Australia or anywhere else, but it’s still a top option for eSports betting in Australia over the course of each year.


FIFA is not just an acronym for the Federation Internationale de Football Association so beloved by soccer fans Down Under. It’s also one of the best-loved video games of all time that’s recently entered the eSports arena. Many top eSports betting sites have excellent markets available for fans of FIFA.


Launched back in 2018, Fortnite Battle Royal lost no time becoming a full-blown sensation worldwide. Its prize pools may still have some catching up to do, but it currently stands as the most-watched eSport, with a cool 2 million viewers tuning in for its last World Cup.

League of Legends

LoL is Fortnite’s main competitor when it comes to most-viewers. It’s a multiplayer action strategy game that debuted in 2009 and has garnered fans from almost every country in the world. It’s a fan favourite in eSports betting.

How To Bet On eSports

Betting on eSports is not much different from wagering on traditional sports:

  • Betting on Streamers

This means laying down wagers on specific elements of an eSport player’s game.

  • Betting on Yourself

Do you play eSports? Then you can wager on yourself! You can win money when you achieve particular accomplishments in your game.

  • eSports Pool Betting

This involves all wagers on a certain market being pooled together. Any fees are then taken off the total return before it gets split between the winners.

  • Fantasy Betting

Fantasy wagers work the same as eSports and traditional sports betting. Choose your market and bet on how you expect them to perform.

  • Item & Skin Betting

When you wager with items and skins, you’re doing this instead of with actual cash. You’re betting with virtual currency rather than fiat money and your wins will reflect this.

  • Real Money Betting

All you have to do to take part in real money betting is choose the event or tournament you want to wager in, select your market, and place your wager.

  • Social Betting & Challenge Betting

Social betting requires that you wager within a group on games’ outcomes. Challenge betting is much the same, but it’s between just two people, effectively one going head to head with the other.

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Best eSports Betting Markets 2024

It’s exciting to mix up your wagering strategies every now and then. Check out some of these thrilling eSports bets and maybe try one you’ve never wagered before!

  • eSports-Specific Bets

Many wagers are specific to certain eSports. You may, for example, find a LoL wager on which team will win the first map or a CS: GO bet on which squad will be the first to get 10 kills. You could wager on the correct score of a Fortnite game or how long a FIFA round will take to complete.

  • Match Winner eSports Bets

This is probably the most basic and commonly used wager in the world of eSports. In the same way that you’d lay a bet on which team would win a rugby match, you try to predict which team will win an upcoming eSports event.

  • Outright eSports Bets

Outright wagers also allow you to try to accurately speculate which player or team will win a certain eSports event. The earlier you get your wager in, the better odds you will enjoy, so put all your knowledge of the games into this one.

  • System eSports Bets

Here you’ll be making multiple wagers and each one will have to be correct for you to collect a win. As challenging as these types of bets are, the winnings from them can be very impressive.

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eSports Betting Payment Options in Australia

One of the most important factors to take into account when eSports gambling is what kind of deposit and withdrawal options a site provides and whether or not these are to your liking. Most of the operators the Ausbet team ends up rating highly and recommending have options like:

  • MasterCard and VISA debit and credit cards
  • Prepaid vouchers like paysafecard and ecoPayz
  • Bank transfers
  • Ewallets like Neteler, PayPal, and Skrill

Making a deposit is very easy:

  1. Once you’ve signed up for a real money account at one of our recommended sites, login.
  2. Head over to the Banking, Cashier, Deposit/Withdraw or similar section of the site and choose whichever deposit option you prefer.
  3. Follow the pop-up instructions that will follow to make some money available in your new account.

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Best eSports Betting Tips in Australia

It’s always a good idea to have one ear open to tips, hints, and strategy advice from fellow bettors and gambling, no matter how experienced you may be. With how new the whole eSports betting industry is, we figured that handing out a few trips wouldn’t be out of place:

  • Do your homework.

There are many eSports players and teams out there and keeping up with all the latest news and developments can be tricky. That’s why social media platforms like Reddit can be a great resource for what’s happening in the eSports betting Australia world and staying up-to-date on all the latest and greatest gossip and rumours.

Don’t treat this information as the gospel truth, but make sure you know about statistics, player news, and even opinions if you want to become a bettor to be reckoned with.

  • Focus on the bigger events, especially at first.

When we’re talking about tournaments like the CS: GO Major Championships, Dota 2 International, LoL World Championship, and the Fortnite and FIFA World Cups, you’ll find that bookmakers are scrambling to get in on the action.

The fact that they’re in competition with one another is great news for you, since this means that the odds will be incredibly competitive.

This is why, although betting on smaller eSports happenings is not discouraged, odds and markets for bigger ones will be far better.

  • Live eSports gambling can be very profitable.

There’s no reason not to carry on making pre-event wagers, but live betting has a lot to offer. Because you’ll be watching the games unfolding in real time before you, you’ll be able to amend your wagering strategies with what’s going on, taking full advantage of odds that may be heavily in your favour for a time.

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eSports Betting On Mobile

The finest Australian sportsbooks make a point of ensuring their mobile betting enthusiasts are well catered for because smartphones and tablets are fast becoming the primary method people use to access bookmakers. Dedicated apps are usually available for Android and iOS devices, but if these aren’t available, sites will be 100% optimised so that your handheld can translate them quickly and easily.

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to downloading an app and using Instant Play. Sometimes, special bonuses are available for players who download a bookmaker’s app and navigation can be much easier, since the operator will have designed the app with the precise operating system you’re using in mind.

With an app, you can access your sportsbook with a single tap of your finger and it shaves a few minutes off of wagering because you don’t have to type any addresses into search bars and then possibly deal with unoptimised sites that are a pain to use on your handheld.

On the other hand, if your device is already running out of storage space, even the small amount necessary for a sportsbook app may be too much. In this case, make sure you find a bookmaker that has optimised their site for mobile and you should be fine.

eSports Betting FAQ

Is eSports betting legal in Australia?

Absolutely. In the same way you can bet on horse racing, cricket, tennis, rugby, and football, you can wager on various eSports as long as you stick to licensed sites. And don’t worry about that! The only bookmakers you’ll find here operate totally legally.

How does betting in eSports work?

eSports betting is identical in its processes to traditional sports wagering. Choose the event or tournament you want to bet on, find the market that suits you in the match you’re interested in, and follow the steps provided by the bookmaker to place your wager.

Is it legal to bet on eSports in Australia?

Yes. If you’re an Australian citizen over 18 years of age you can wager on your chosen eSports teams, players, matches, tournaments, and other events completely legally.

Can I live stream and bet on eSports?

If the bookmaker you’ve selected for eSports betting Australia provides streaming services then you can absolutely live stream and wager at the same time.

What kinds of eSports betting markets are there?

Much as in the case with traditional sports, there are many eSports markets to choose from. Some of the most popular Australian bettors include Correct Points, Map Winner, Match Winner, Over/Under, and Round Winner.

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