Cox Plate Betting Guide For Australian Punters

Looking for all the information about Cox Plate betting? Our in-depth guide will help you to find success at the Cox Plate, even if you’re brand new to the world of horse betting.

We’ve combined our own experience with the best information on the internet to create this one-of-a-kind Cox Plate betting guide. Everything you need to know is right here so you can get in on the online horse race betting action.

Best Cox Plate Betting Odds

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Understanding The Cox Plate

Cox Plate betting is appealing to online betting enthusiasts all over the world. Part of this popularity is due to the prestige of the Cox Plate. This is one of Australia’s truly premier events, having run at Moonee Valley Racecourse for more than a hundred years. In that time, the Cox Plate has garnered a huge following and currently leads the pack for having the largest purse in Australian horse racing betting.

Taking place over a distance of 2040 metres, the Cox Plate is a Group 1 weight-for-age event that’s available to horses of three years and older. The Cox Plate is named after W. S. Cox, who was the founder of the Moonee Valley Racing Club. Now that we know we know more about the Cox Plate, it’s time to dive deeper into Cox Plate betting and everything that it has in store for Australian horse race betting enthusiasts!

DateSaturday, 28th October, 2024
Prize Money$5,000,000
Race TrackMoonee Valley Racecourse
Race Distance2040m
Race TypeGroup One
Weight ClassWFA, 3YOs & Upwards
2022 WinnerAnamoe

Cox Plate Betting Markets

Australian punters won’t have to wait long for the Cox Plate betting markets to open up. In fact, the Cox Plate betting markets open as early as the day after the event has come to an end for the following event. The hype from the race is still fresh, and many punters dive in immediately following the wins from the most recent event. Cox Plate odds will be added to these early markets, but punters can expect that these odds will change as we get closer to the next one. Right now, the markets for the upcoming 2024 Cox Plate are quite different to what they were a year ago.

Even more Cox Plate betting markets will open up during the duration of the event itself. Punters will encounter the following bets on offer when they decide to start wagering:

  • Place Bet
  • Each Way Betting
  • Win Bet
  • Trifecta Bet
  • Quinella Bet
  • Daily Double
  • First Four

Each one of these Cox Plate betting markets comes with its risks and rewards, and bettors will want to do the necessary background research on each before committing any real amount of money. Thankfully, betting has been made streamlined and easy, and allows you to start gearing yourself to win at the Cox Plate!

Betting Strategies For Cox Plate

We recommend employing certain horse betting strategies for the Cox Plate. There are numerous tips for Cox Plate as well as useful strategies available that can give punters the edge to start winning at a more consistent rate. The following strategies will help you find more success with Cox Plate betting:

Research The Race

It’s highly advised that punters do in-depth research when betting. The more information that you are able to gather and use in the event, the higher the chance that you’ll walk away as a winner by the time it comes to an end. Part of research is learning how to use the form guide, which is something we will touch on later in this Cox Plate betting guide.

Understand Track Conditions

The Moonee Valley Racecourse sits in a unique climate that few other places share. What that means is that runners from different conditions may not perform as well as the Cox Plate as they would at home. This information is invaluable to the punter wanting every edge available to give themselves a real chance of winning.

Know The Jockeys & Trainers

The jockey is another vital element in the Cox Plate betting equation. The jockey and the runner have trained together for years, so it’s worth your time to also have a look at the history of the jockey. Many advise also doing some background research on a runner’s trainer, as some trainers tend to see a lot more success than others.

Use top Cox Plate horse racing tips like this guide and the rest offered by the expert Ausbet team to back a winner.

Cox Plate Betting Tips

With the above Cox Plate betting strategies in place, it’s time to look at more general Cox Plate betting tips. The advantage of the following horse racing tips is that you’re able to use them at other events, too.

Know The Event

Just having a solid foundational understanding of the Cox Plate is something you can use to your advantage. The Cox Plate is truly unique in many ways, with a unique set of winning features and a unique track. The best sportsbooks like Ladbrokes Australia offer great guides and tips from punting experts for you to become better at betting online.

How Cox Plate Odds Work

Each Cox Plate betting wager will come with its own odds. Bettors who want to see success will have a much better time of it if they know the Cox Plate odds that they are betting against. There are plenty of guides to be found, but there’s also no true replacement for experience. This is why you need to know the latest Cox Plate betting odds!

The Form Guide

The form guide represents the performance of the runner you’re interested in. Being able to quickly analyse the form guide is a powerful skill to have if you want to win Cox Plate betting.

Don’t Follow The Crowd

This is something that bookies keep an eye on and will adjust the Cox Plate odds depending on what the general crowd is doing and is one of the best horse tips around.

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Cox Plate Betting Promotions

Cox Plate betting bookmakers are happy to provide special bonuses and promotions to those punters who are interested. These give you great rewards when paired with a well-chosen bet. For instance, it’s not uncommon for a Cox Plate betting site to offer special bonuses for punters who sign up for the first time, although this is not as prevalent as it used to be.

There are other promotions offered by bookies for Cox Plate betting. The most common promotion in Cox Plate betting is the match bonus. Here, the bookie will match the amount of money that you deposit into your Cox Plate betting account. There is a minimum amount that you need to put into the account before this kind of promotion becomes available. The total minimum will depend on the bookie site in question, so double-check the numbers before creating an account to start betting. Many bookie sites also provide VIP promotions to those punters who have been enjoying Cox Plate betting through them for years.

There are many ways of finding success with Cox Plate betting, and each one gives you the best chance of making it big and walking away with real money!

Cox Plate Form Guide

In Cox Plate betting, the form guide can make all the difference to your success. But what is a form guide, and why is it important?

We’re going to answer all of the questions that you may have about form guides and how they relate to the Cox Plate.

A form guide is the breakdown of the history of a runner and the events that they have participated in. In fact, the form guide can give you all of the information that you need to make better betting decisions. In Cox Plate betting, a form guide will reveal an enormous amount of data about previous events.

This information includes the following checklist which you should factor in at all times.

  • How many times has the runner won the Cox Plate?
  • Where the runner finished during the race.
  • The weight-for-age information is especially important in Cox Plate betting.
  • The jockey that runs with the horse, as well as information about how the jockey has done in the past.
  • Any recent injuries that took place. This is also vital info to have in mind because recent injuries can seriously affect how well a runner does on the track.
  • How many times they have won, and how many times they have lost?
  • The form guide will also indicate whether the horse fell at any point during their last event. Falls are always serious and need to be taken into consideration when making a wager.
  • You will also be able to find out whether the jockey fell off their runner while on the track.

Cox Plate betting guides will offer all of the information you need to make much better betting decisions. These betting guides are widely available, and bookmakers will make it easy for punters to find the Cox Plate betting form guide to match their strategies. So get a hold of a form guide as soon as possible so that you can start making better bets for the upcoming 2024 Cox Plate!

How To Place A Bet On The Cox Plate

Cox Plate betting has been refined into a simple and elegant process that makes online horse race betting a breeze. Here we will break down the steps you will need to take to bet on the Cox Plate.

  • Step 1: Choose a reputable Cox Plate betting site.
  • Step 2: Navigate to their sportsbook and look through the horse betting types. Of course, it’s always worth getting the right information together before making this decision. It can be just as much fun to bet spontaneously, too.
  • Step 3: After choosing the amount that you would like to deposit, choose a payment method.
  • Step 4: Make the deposit, and the bet will automatically be assigned to your account.

The above process can be done on both a website as well as a bookmaker offering Cox Plate betting on their mobile app. Betting apps for Android and iOS make this experience even better because they allow portability to your Cox Plate betting range.

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Cox Plate 2024 Favourites

In Cox Plate betting, the favourites are chosen by the bookmakers when the bets are being put together. The handicap is decided upon using the available information about the runner in question. As we get closer to the upcoming Cox Plate, it’s important that you know which favourites are in the running at the moment.

  1. Romantic Warrior
  2. Mr. Brightside
  3. Without A Fight
  4. Amelia’s Jewel
  5. Light Infantry
  6. Militarize
  7. Alligator Blood
  8. Zaaki
  9. Think It Over

To maximise your chances when betting on the Cox Plate or any horse racing events like the Melbourne Cup, we highly recommend reading the form guides of all of the 2024 favourites. This will provide the important statistics that you will need to find Cox Plate betting opportunities that most other punters will completely miss. Another aspect to keep in mind is the barrier draw. Many punters believe that the barrier draw makes a difference to the final outcome of the race. The Barrier Draw Breakfast takes place the Wednesday before the Cox Plate, and it’s where the barrier draw will be announced.

Other such information about the 2024 event will become available as we get closer. Punters are always advised to stay up to date with all the latest in order to give themselves every chance of success with Cox Plate betting!

Mistakes To Avoid When Cox Plate Betting

Success with Cox Plate betting is an art. It can take punters some time to really get a feel for the event, as well as to make better bets. Making mistakes is a common part of the routine, but the well-informed bettor will be able to avoid making the following mistakes the next time they want to indulge in Cox Plate betting.

Following the Crowd

As mentioned, the crowd’s betting habits are misleading. This is why you need to make sure that you do not always do what the crowd is doing. Instead, make informed bets using the information that you have gathered from your research leading up to the Cox Plate.

Bad Bankroll Management

Don’t forget to create and manage a bankroll for yourself. Too many beginner punters neglect to put a decent bankroll together, and it eventually comes back to bite them.

Not Diversifying Risk

Try and diversify your Cox Plate betting range as much as you possibly can. The more bets that you have on the table, the higher the chance that some of these will result in returns that you can take home with you.

Choosing an Unfair Sportsbook

Always use a reputable bookmaking service. There are many dodgy websites out there, and not every single one of them provides you with the real chance of winning that you need in Cox Plate betting.

Staying When You Should Walk

Know when to walk away from a bet. It’s far too common for punters to keep putting more and more money into their bets without first allowing their successes to build up over time.

Cox Plate betting can be a real way to make decent money during the event. But making these above-mentioned mistakes will set you back in your Cox Plate betting journey. This is why we recommend keeping this awesome Cox Plate betting guide on hand so that you’re always able to check out which mistakes you need to avoid when betting!


Cox Plate betting has never been more rewarding than it is now. With countless betting markets on offer, punters need to dive in before the start of the upcoming 2024 Cox Plate. With this guide in hand, you will have no trouble at all making it big with Cox Plate betting!

Cox Plate Betting FAQs

Which horse has the best odds to win the 2024 Cox Plate?

Romantic Warrior has the best odds on the market right now.

How do odds work for the Cox Plate?

Horse racing odds are calculated by bookmakers using how much is being bet and how much could be made from the bets.

What are the highest odds for a Cox Plate winner?

Leonard holds the record for the highest odds of all time, a record set in 1945.

What are the most popular bet types for the Cox Plate race?

Place, win, quinella, and trifecta are some of the most popular Cox Plate betting types.

How much prize money does the Cox Plate winner receive?

AUD $5-million. At the moment, the Cox Plate purse is sitting at 5 million Australian dollars.


Cox Plate 2024
Moonee Valley Racing Club, Feehan Avenue,Moonee Ponds ,VIC -3039
Starting on
October 28, 2024
Ending on
October 28, 2024
The W. S. Cox Plate is a Group 1 Thoroughbred horse race for horses aged three years old and over under Weight for age conditions, over a distance of 2040 metres, that is held by the Moonee Valley Racing Club at Moonee Valley Racecourse, Melbourne, Australia in late October.
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