A Guide to NBA Betting Online in Australia

The National Basketball Association (NBA) of America has regulated the game’s rules and matches for many years, and has kept the standards very high. Watching basketball games is just as popular in Australia as it is Stateside, and just like with all sports, spectators who place NBA bets on the outcome are so much more involved in the game and enjoy it so much more. With the technology of today’s remote playing, Australians can enjoy the ins and outs of NBA betting just as if they were in the United States. Read our basic guide to wagering on basketball here.

Betting on basketball games is quite similar to betting online on other sports events and as with all others, you need to be sure that you do your research. If you have all of the information that you need and take it all into consideration, you can develop a wagering strategy that is consistently rewarding.

You should find out about the recent player and team history and how often they have won, and find out about court conditions among other things. With this in mind, it’s very important to watch the injury reports. In basketball most teams have several potentially dominating members, so any injury in anyone can have potentially huge consequences and change team and game dynamics.

Best NBA Betting Odds

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One of the important strategic decisions you need to make is whether to place full action (whole game) or half action (either the first or second game half) NBA bets. In basketball, half action bets can actually be more profitable, and they have certainly proven more popular. If you can, it’s advisable to study the numbers and work out which half time lines are strongest, and then bet on those. As the season progresses, first and second half stats will emerge clearly.

How Does NBA Betting Work?

NBA Basketball betting uses the point spread and over/unders for wagering on teams. Bettors must wager on who they think will win by how many points. Total bets, moneyline and parlay and teaser bets are also available for betting on who will win, who will score first, who will win more than 1 match in succession, and who will win the season.

Online Betting NBA Basketball

The long NBA season starts in October and runs until July, so there are plenty of NBA betting sites opportunities. To get the best returns, you need to decide which NBA bets suit your own situation and the playing situation best. The most common punts are described below.

  • NBA betting sites often use a spread to equalise the winning chances of each side, as the nature of the game is such that high scores can get out of control quickly. These can really affect your overall winnings, so you should take some time to look for the best line.
  • The Moneyline wager provides NBA betting odds based on who will win, and no pointspread is involved.
  • Totals are very popular NBA bets and are placed on the combined score of both teams. The number is calculated by the bookmaker and the punter predicts whether the real number will be over or under this amount.
  • In the NBA, games are broken into four twelve-minute quarters. You can place NBA bets on who will be covering the spread after the first twelve or twenty-four minutes, called Quarter and First-Half Line bets respectively. Depending on a team’s performance, one of these is usually preferable.
  • Halftime lines are only available during halftime, and create new spreads based on what happened in the game’s first half. This real-time betting is very dynamic and keeps things exciting.
  • You can use a parlay bet to combine all your NBA bets and enjoy a larger payout.
  • Futures bets are exotic and refer to all kinds of outcomes, from who will win the NBA championship to who will be the league’s MVP.

NBA Betting Sites

With a little practice you will become adept at NBA betting, and your enjoyment and rewards will increase exponentially.