Caulfield Cup Betting Guide 2024

The Caulfield Cup is among the most famous horse races in the world. It’s a truly premier Australian horse racing event that has long set the pace for many other races around the world. The Caulfield Cup also boasts a long and rich history packed with unforgettable moments. Along with the race itself, Caulfield Cup betting is a pastime that’s almost as popular.

Keep reading to find out how our Caulfield Cup race guide can help you place better bets!

Best Caulfield Cup Betting Odds

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Caulfield Cup Overview

The Caulfield Cup is an event that takes place in the city of Melbourne, Australia. The Melbourne Cup happens once a year and always occurs midway through the month of October. The months leading up to October provide the perfect window for Caulfield Cup betting. The horses that participate in this event are Thoroughbred and are considered some of the fastest horses on the planet. The Caulfield Cup is the perfect horse racing betting event to showcase the very best that the thoroughbred world has to offer. Only horses that are at least three years or older are allowed to take part.

The Caulfield Cup continues to be one of Australia’s most popular racing events, attracting thousands of visitors every year. Taking place over a distance of 2400 metres, it’s a fast-paced and extremely exciting race that always yields incredible wins. The grand prize for the Caulfield Cup at the moment is a whopping 5 million Australian dollars.

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Caulfield Cup Odds Explained

Caulfield Cup odds are determined by a variety of different factors, similar to other horse racing betting events. When the odds are being calculated, the money spent on the bets on the events, as well as individual horses, will be a part of the total formula that bookies will use. They will then use these numbers to make the odds available to Australian punters. The odds are able to change over time, and it’s common for the original calculations to be somewhat off. The bookies will use the new information from bettors to calculate new odds.

Horse betting is different from other kinds of sports betting. Payouts will usually be dependent on the final odds that are assigned to a horse by the time the event comes to an end. In other sports, the payout always depends on the odds that were chosen when the bet was made. For this reason, Caulfield Cup betting is one of the best ways of winning big in sports betting.

The way that odds are calculated in Caulfield Cup betting is the same as in other Australian horse racing events. Due to this, there are similarities between the various bets on offer. What’s appealing about this uniformity is that it means you only need to learn the “rules” once. From there, Caulfield Cup betting will be the easiest thing in the world to do, year after year.

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Let’s look at some common types of Caulfield Cup betting odds.

You will come across odds presented as fractions. These are fractional odds, and an example would be 4/1, which means that a punter receives four units back for every one unit they invest. Another type is decimal odds, which are represented as a normal price. Decimal odds are easy, as you only need to multiply the total stake by the number that’s assigned to a horse.

Types Of Bets for the Caulfielfd Cup

Caulfield Cup betting odds are just the start. You also need to know about the various kinds of bets offered at the Caulfield Cup. Thankfully, the bets are all extremely easy to understand and utilise, and it won’t take long before you’re wagering alongside the pros. Let’s explore each one of the most popular types of bets you can expect from Caulfield Cup betting.

First, let’s take a look at the most common types of bets. These include win, quinella, trifecta, each-way, place, and other exotic bets. When it comes to Caulfield Cup betting, start with the simplest wagers and work forward from there. More complicated Caulfield Cup bets that are aimed at seasoned bettors include the following:


Futures bets are an extremely popular kind of wager in Caulfield Cup betting. Futures markets will be open many months ahead of the start of an event. Here is where most bettors will find the value they are looking for. Along with the wagering options, Australian punters are given the opportunity to enjoy full refunds for runners who don’t start.


Bookies will provide a list of runners that are up against each other. The runners will also be assigned odds that the bookies will calculate themselves and provide to the public. It does not matter where on the track the chosen runners finish as long as one beats the other.

Fixed Quinella

Thirdly, for Caulfield Cup betting, we have the fixed quinella. The fixed quinella is similar to a normal quinella, except that bookmakers will fix the price for two horses. It’s a popular wager among bettors that are wanting to make sure they get their value before the event even begins.

Each-way Betting

This is also worth knowing and will largely depend on the number of runners taking part in the event. This type of horse betting includes two bets of the same cost. The two bets are a win bet t and a place bet.

Caulfield Cup betting and the types of bets on offer aren’t exclusive to Australian punters. In fact, Caulfield Cup betting has grown into a much larger international market. This is why it’s now easier than ever to find the latest Caulfield Cup bets and start winning this coming October!

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4 Factors To Consider When Betting On The Caulfield Cup

When it comes to successful Caulfield Cup betting, it’s important to keep all the different factors in mind. Let’s dig deeper into the most important factors that will have a noticeable impact on how often you’re going to win your wagers.

Previous Performances

The first factor you will want to keep in mind is the previous performance of potential runners. There will always be records and information available that will tell you how a runner did in an event. Using this information as a part of your betting strategies is vital to finding long-term success with Caulfield Cup betting.

Pedigree And Bloodlines

There’s a very good reason that horse breeding is an extremely lucrative industry. A pedigree from a specific bloodline can easily be worth millions. It’s for this reason that choosing a runner with a long and rich pedigree is more often than not a sure thing.

Barrier Draw

The barrier draw is the process of choosing which runner will start there. Although a simple explanation, there’s a lot more complexity behind the scenes. Many punters feel that the barrier draw doesn’t make a significant difference at the end of the day. There is, however, plenty of evidence to suggest that it can and does make a difference to the outcome.

Weight Allocation

The weight allocation in the Caulfield Cup is how a runner’s handicap is determined. The weight consists of the jockey as well as the equipment that the jockey and horse use for the event. Each one of the horses needs to carry a specific weight and weights will be added as necessary. The scale of weights is applied to all Thoroughbred racing, including that at the Caulfield Cup.

Caulfield Cup betting has the potential to be an extremely profitable venture when including the above factors. These horse racing tips will provide the framework to begin building a sound Caulfield Cup betting strategy that will give you the edge that you need.

Everything you need to find success with Caulfield Cup betting is waiting for you!

Caulfield Cup Favourites

Bookies covering Caulfield Cup betting will have a huge range of horse betting options to choose from. Many of these will be aimed at the favourites, which are the runners that have the shortest odds on the market. Favourites are also the ones that most punters tend to choose, so always make sure to select carefully when choosing a favourite bet. Let’s take a look at some of the past favourite of the Caulfield Cup, specifically from last year:

  1. Durston
  2. Gold Trip
  3. Knights Order

From the 2021 Caulfield Cup, the following were the favourites:

  1. Incentivise
  2. Nonconformist
  3. Persan

Let’s jump back one more year and go to 2020:

  1. Verry Elleegant
  2. Anthony Van Dyke
  3. The Chosen One

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Horse Betting Promotions And Offers

The Caulfield Cup is no stranger to the best horse racing promotions. Check out the following promotions and gain the edge that you need:

  • Best Odds Guaranteed: The most popular promotions on the market, it’s a favourite for many but is largely focused on UK-based events.
  • Bonuses: Bonuses are readily available at online bookmakers for Caulfield Cup betting fans. Take note of which bonuses are on offer and which bets these bonuses are associated with.

The Best Caulfield Cup Betting Strategies

Finding success with Caulfield Cup betting doesn’t have to be like standing in a minefield. In fact, with this guide on hand, you will start seeing the wins rolling in no time at all.

Let’s dive deeper into the many Caulfield Cup betting strategies and other horse tips you can utilise to achieve more successful wagers.

Research, Research, Research

Perhaps the most common reason that Caulfield Cup betting is unsuccessful for new bettors is due to a lack of research. In fact, research and data are perhaps the most important part of the equation when it comes to success. Take the time to learn as much as possible before making any wagers. We guarantee that this alone will make a world of difference.

Horse Form

In Caulfield Cup betting, the form of a horse is in reference to the overall stats associated with a specific runner. For instance, it may have information about the runner’s breed, its jockey and trainer, as well as plenty of other info you can use to your advantage. Being able to thoroughly analyse the form of a horse is a skill that every Caulfield Cup betting enthusiast will want to learn. The Caulfield Cup form guide that you use will make a big difference to your success.

Track Conditions

Not every runner taking part in the Caulfield Cup will have been trained within the same conditions. The type of track and even the overall climate can shift the probability of a runner winning the event. Take the time to learn about the home track conditions a potential runner is used to, and compare it to the conditions at the Caulfield Cup. This type of information is regularly overlooked by Australian punters but can substantially change your success rates. Weather events may also have an impact on the performance of a runner. Rainfall might not be enough to cause a cancellation, but it does make the track a lot more difficult for runners who train in drier areas.

Recent Performances

While much of the information you need for Caulfield Cup betting will be in the form sheet, there are a lot of other sources you can look at. For instance, it’s easy to find the recent performances of a runner and see how they did in their last few events. You will quickly notice specific trends between popular runners, and it will allow you to adjust your wagering strategies. Ensure that your information is as up-to-date as possible and the trends you discover will lead you to further success.

With these Caulfield Cup betting strategies on hand, winning often will be more than just a dream. These are the strategies that the professionals use to claim their Caulfield Cup betting wins at a frequency that many other punters never quite reach.

Give these Caulfield Cup betting strategies a try today and see how you can start to win big.

Caulfield Cup Betting Tips For Australian Punters

Having the right Caulfield Cup betting tips on hand is necessary for long-term success. Along with these common strategies, we’ve also put together a list of simple horse racing tips and tricks Australian punters can incorporate into their betting regime, including the following:

Implement Bankroll Management

Your bankroll is a key element of success in Caulfield Cup betting. Acting essentially as a betting budget, a bankroll can make an enormous impact. Start by simply putting together a simple money in vs. money out graph and take it from there.

Evaluate Jockeys & Trainers

Not all trainers and jockeys are the same. When it comes to Caulfield Cup betting, you need to aim for jockeys and trainers who have good reputations and excellent results on the track. This kind of information is widely and freely available and will never take you more than a few minutes to locate.

Don’t Follow The Crowd

One commonality among all types of horse betting is a general similarity in how most punters wager their money. Bookies will always have the most popular bets at the top of the list, and these wagers are almost always what punters will aim for. It’s important, however, to keep in mind that there’s no guarantee that these bets are actually worth your time. In fact, many pros will keep a close eye on the decisions most other punters are making and then often do the complete opposite.

Analyse Historical Data

As mentioned, doing good research is arguably the most powerful tool in your arsenal. Part of the research that you do will be into historical data. The data will include the performances of runners, but it’s also a good idea to learn as much as you can about the track. Often, runners taking part in the Caulfield Cup will have participated at least once in the past. Using this information together will give you a much clearer idea of how a runner may do on the track.

Live Horse Betting And Streaming

You can enjoy Caulfield Cup betting from the comfort of your own home or your mobile device, as the action unfolds with Android betting apps or iOS options too.

Live horse betting is now one of the most popular ways of enjoying large events like the Caulfield Cup without the associated costs of travel. You get the best of both worlds: the chance to watch the event while betting on it right until the gates close.

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Caulfield Cup betting remains among the most popular Australian sporting-related pastimes. Every year brings something new and an abundance of winning opportunities.

Year after year, we’ve watched the biggest names in the industry taking home the grand prize. What you don’t often hear about is all of the different Australian punters who also win big behind the scenes. Being a part of this group is a lot easier than many punters realise, and this guide will help you get started on your Caulfield Cup betting journey today!

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Caulfield Cup Betting FAQ

What is the minimum legal betting age for the Caulfield Cup in Australia?

18. The minimum legal age to bet on Caulfield Cup horse racing odds is 18.

How can I watch the Caulfield Cup live in Australia?

The Caulfield Cup is broadcast on TV and live-streamed online.

Are there any specific Caulfield Cup betting strategies for beginners?

Yes. There are many strategies to choose from, including the creation of a bankroll.

Can I bet on the Caulfield Cup from my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. Just sign up with a sportsbook offering mobile access, or download an app.

What should I do if I encounter a problem with my Caulfield Cup bet or winnings?

Contact Support. If you have any issues, the first thing you need to do is contact the customer support line of the bookmaking service you use.


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