Horse Racing Betting – The Ultimate Guide

Getting started with horse racing betting has never been easier or more profitable. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to give you the tips and insight you need to start betting online today. Australian punters will be able to use our horse racing betting guide to start winning online and on mobile!

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Understanding Horse Racing

Horse racing betting is a popular national pastime that focuses on the many horse racing events that take place across Australia and the world. Horse racing is one of the oldest betting sports in the world, with a history spanning two centuries. Today, watching and betting on horses has never been more popular, and we recommend you give it a try.

The following are popular types of horse racing:

  • Thoroughbred Racing
  • Flat Racing
  • Endurance Racing
  • Harness Racing

And many others!

Horse Betting Terms

In fact, horse racing is among the most diverse betting sports in the world. Next, we will take a look at common online horse race betting terminology:


These horse racing odds are numbers calculated by bookies to determine the cost of horse racing betting as well as how much will be paid out to punters


A furlong is a name given the distance that equals an eighth of a mile. It’s a common term used in horse betting.


The track assigns a weight to a runner on the field, or the runner is given a handicap based on how they did in past events.


This is the name given to the runner that is in the lead.

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Top Australian Horse Racing Events

Australian punters are spoiled when it comes to horse racing betting events. In fact, Australia is home to some of the best horse racing events on the globe. With events like the Melbourne Cup and the Caulfield Cup run annually, Aussie punters won’t be disappointed with the events on offer.

Now, we’ll examine these events more closely, including their timing and distinctive characteristics.

The Melbourne Cup

An iconic event in the horse racing betting world, the Melbourne Cup is truly one-of-a-kind. Taking place on the first Tuesday of every November, the Melbourne Cup is a Thoroughbred, 3200-metre dash that has been home to many of history’s most memorable finishes.

The Caulfield Cup

The Caulfield Cup is another Australian horse racing event that takes place once a year, typically in mid-October. The race is 2400 metres long and also features all Thoroughbred runners. This has become a favourite horse racing betting event among Australians and continues to bring in new fans with every passing year.

The Everest

All Australian horse racing betting lovers will have heard of The Everest. This is an extremely popular Australian turf club event that’s aimed at Thoroughbred runners of a certain weight for age. It’s also one of the newest horse racing events around, having only opened its doors in 2017. Since that time, however, The Everest has grown immensely and is a favourite in the world of horse racing betting.

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Betting Types And Strategies

Punters will quickly find that horse racing betting features many types of bets. This is nothing but good news for the intrepid Australian bettor who values diversity above all else for all their horse betting types and wants the best horse racing tips to boot. In fact, plenty of professional punters recommend using as many bets as possible during the wagering season. The following are some of the best bets around in horse racing betting:

Winning Bet

The most popular and common horse racing betting wagering type. Offered by most online bookies in Australia.

Place Bet

Here, the punter backs the horse they believe will finish the race within the top 3. Keep in mind that dividends only pay out for first and second places if there are less than 8 runners.

Each-Way Bet

The each-way bet is a combination of a place and a win.

Quinella Bet

In horse racing betting, a quinella bet consists of selecting two placegetters without any particular order. As long as those horses finish together and at the front of the race, the bet will be successful.

Exacta Bet

Similar to quinella, except here the order of the horses crossing the line must be chosen.

Trifecta Bet

Punters choose the first three runners in a race and in order. A classic wager perfect in horse racing betting

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The following are some horse racing betting strategies and horse tips that you can use to your advantage:

  • Always manage your bankroll smartly when enjoying horse racing betting.
  • Don’t always follow the crowd – rather, bet using the research that you’ve done on the runners.
  • Diversify your horse racing betting range as much as you are comfortable with.
  • Doing the right research can make all the difference to your success and is one of the best horse betting strategies around.

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Horse Racing Odds & Calculations

In the world of horse racing betting, bookmakers calculate all of the odds that we see. They calculated odds using a number of different factors. These include:

  • The total amount of money that punters invest into their favourite horse racing betting options.
  • The overall financial commitment for the athletes participating in the event.
  • The overall percentage of money that the bookmaking itself keeps in order to make a profit.

It’s worth keeping in mind that when it comes to horse racing betting, the odds are not set in stone. Part of the reason for this is that the bookmakers place their odds based on estimates that they calculate themselves. As the betting season opens up and more and more punters dive in, those estimates can change. For the bookies, then, it’s important to make the necessary calculations to reflect how the odds are changed during the horse racing betting process. The payout for the odds that are given out to those bets that are based on the final odds of the placegetter.

How to Select A Winning Horse

The success of a horse racing betting wager largely relies on how much information that punter had when placing. The more research that’s done on the potential runners, the better the chances of winning. Check out the following factors to keep in mind when deciding on a runner to wager on:

Previous Performances:

Horse racing betting success comes from knowing your runner. There is so much accessible information on the runners in question that you will have no trouble getting the data that you need.

The Team

The jockey on the runner is just as important as the animal itself. The jockey and the runner will have a long relationship, having trained for countless hours together. Even the kind of trainer that the runner was involved with will make a difference. Even jockey betting is an option for the adventurous punter.

Track Conditions

Next, you will want to be keenly aware of the track conditions. Runners train in different environments, and inexperienced punters are always surprised to learn how much it can affect the outcome in regards to the horse racing betting returns they can expect. This also represents the perfect opportunity to learn more about the tracks at famous Australian racing events.

Of course, the more information you collect, the better equipped you’ll be for success in horse racing betting. Keep these factors in mind the next time you wager, and you’ll quickly see the wins racking up!

Betting Platforms And Bookmakers

The right horse racing betting platform is also important. Fortunately, Australian punters are blessed with many different platforms to choose from. Here is our recommended list of horse racing betting platforms that you need to check out:

Ladbrokes Australia

A name that all Australian punters will be familiar with. Here we have a leading platform that offers access to a huge variety of fantastic betting options.


Sportsbet reigns supreme when it comes to overall popularity. Packed with every kind of horse racing betting wager you can imagine, Sportsbet should be a go-to for many Australian punters wanting to win big.


We can’t forget PalmerBet when talking about great Australian horse racing betting platforms. PalmerBet is also special in that it’s the only horse racing betting platform that is completely owned by an Australian. They offer a huge selection of betting options on a variety of all the best Australian horse racing events.

Register At PalmerBet

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Promotions And Offers

Horse racing betting would not be the same without appealing promotions, bonuses, and offers. Bookmakers are not shy in offering a great welcome bonus to new players looking to give themselves the edge they need to win. On the site or Android betting app, look for the latest bonuses as they become available – these will typically be available as betting is opened up to the public for an event.

One of the more common horse racing betting bonuses you will encounter is the deposit bonus. Here, the bookie will match the amount of cash that you deposit. Enjoy the latest horse racing betting deposit today to stand the chance of winning real money!


Horse racing betting is a great way to win some extra money every month. This guide has hopefully given you the foundation that you need to enjoy Australian horse race betting at its finest. Don’t delay – check out all the very best horse racing betting opportunities as we move into the competitive season!

Horse Racing Betting FAQ

How can I improve my chances of winning when betting on horse racing in Australia?

Study form, choose a sportsbook with good odds, and manage your bankroll.

Can I bet on international horse racing events through Australian bookmakers?

Yes. Popular Australian bookmakers make it easy to enjoy horse racing betting internationally.

What should I do if I encounter a problem with my horse racing bet or winnings on an Australian betting platform?

Contact Support. The best thing to do in this situation is to reach out to the bookmaker’s customer support lines.

Are there any horse racing betting trends or statistics that bettors should be aware of when placing their wagers in Australia?

Yes. Horse racing betting trends and statistics are often available as a form card that you can use to make wagering decisions.

What is the process for collecting winnings after a successful bet on a horse race in Australia, and how long does it typically take?

The process involves making a withdrawal from your account with the bookmaker, and payouts can be instant, or they can take a full business week.


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